Dyeing with pure soil

People are now feeling the need to get back to nature, rediscovering its secrets and the opportunities it offers, of which those who came before us were well aware.
The dyeing possibilities offered by Madiva using PURE SOIL are based on the ancient practice of colouring garments and textiles in a completely natural way.
It should be noted that the word ‘natural’ is often used incorrectly or too generically to indicate a healthy product, as even in nature there are toxic substances that can be harmful to human beings.
The soil we use for dyeing purposes is completely natural, as it hasn’t been processed with chemicals and comes from uncontaminated sites. It is thus pulverised in its purest state.
Its purity is confirmed by the analyses of specialist laboratories, colour by colour, to check for the presence of exterior harmful substances, forms of radioactivity due to waste or heavy metals, chemical dyes, etc. that have come into contact with the soil to be used for dyeing.
The soil we use is only found in nature in its solid state and comes from various places (usually Africa, Mongolia and South America), where soil with the warmest, most vibrant colours can be found. We employ a very delicate dyeing method which is not aggressive on fabrics, if we consider that the pigment released onto a garment never exceeds 2/3% of the amount contained in the soil in its natural state.
As a result, if the soil is dark blue in its natural state, for example, colours in the sky blue range, never too deep, will result.
Washing garments is not an issue, as colour fastness is assured, and the softness of the garment even increases wash after wash.
We need to get back to nature in so many ways – our air, our food, and our clothing are all part of the change now going on.
Our natural dyes are not just a trend, but a necessity.

We need to get back to nature in so many ways:
our air,
our food,
and our clothing.
Our natural dyes are not just a trend, but a necessity.